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I taught for twenty-seven years at University of Texas-El Paso, where I served as Director of the Creative Writing Program for many of those years, and established the Bilingual MFA Program. I also taught and still teach in the low-residency MFA Program at Vermont College of the Fine Arts. more about teaching...

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Library Of Small Happiness (coming soon)

The late Swiss artist Paul Klee famously observed in his diaries, “One eye sees, the other feels.” In these brilliant, non-traditional essays, Leslie Ullman explores the warp and woof of poetry, its inner textures and outer resonances. In the course of this intimate journey, our guide shines so much necessary light, as we feel our way holistically through the “sacred space” that poems make, where “a silence resonates with the presence of two voices, only one of which is the writer’s.” Along the way, she offers up a simultaneously accessible and intelligent commentary on the inner workings of twenty poems. These deeply thoughtful essays and exercises about and with the creative process deliver us into a full-on and intensely personal embrace of the practice of poetry.

          —Jeffrey Levine, Mortal Everlasting and Rumor of Cortez, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Tupelo Press.

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